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Complete Chiropractic Health Services

The Physicians at Four Peaks Chiropractic pride themselves in providing the highest quality service and products to our patients in Tempe. We focus on utilizing some of the best equipment available to find and fix your subluxations. We also provide high quality custom made orthotics from Foot Levelers and our promise is we will never give you a one size fits all adjustment.


There are three stages of chiropractic treatments at Four Peaks Chiropratic. The first is the Acute stage. Our doctors will utilize multiple modalities beginning from lightest force to manual adjusting, finding the right treatment that will work best for your individual body. Stage two will focus on rehabilitation designed to return your body to peak form. Stage three is the wellness stage, where we help you keep chiropractic a regular part of your preventative care.

Electric Stimulation

Electric stimulation therapy or E-Stim is a treatment that applies electrical stimulation for treating muscle spasms and pain. Electric stimulation works by working with the natural way by which the body exercises its muscles. Electrodes will be attached to the skin to deliver impulses that make the muscles contract. It increases the patient’s range of motion and reduces pain. It is used in treating conditions like sprains, arthritis, back pain scoliosis, sciatica and many more.

Cold Laser

Cold Laser or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)  is a therapy modality that specifically targets the cells of damaged tissue. Utilizing various wavelengths and frequencies Laser will help a variety of conditions. Specifically damaged ligaments, sprains, strains, radiating nerve pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica and many other issues. Our Four Peaks Chiropractic Doctors are looking forward to serving the people of Tempe with cold laser treatments.

Custom Made Orthotics

When people think of Orthotics today the first thing that comes to mind is thick plastic molded inserts. However, thanks to modern technology our Custom Made Orthotics are designed specifically for our customers, are soft but firm and are designed with the patented "3 Arch Support" of Foot Levelers. These orthotics are designed to not only support your foot arches but also correct rotational problems in your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. A scan takes less than 2 minutes and can make a huge difference.


Ultrasound Therapy is designed to deep heat tissue to promote healing. Whether its a tendon, ligament, or muscle Ultrasound can stimulate the damages tissue with thermal radiation causing it to warm naturally. This warming will allow for the tissues to stretch which helps with their healing. Specific conditions we like to treat with ultrasound are frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis and muscle strains. Ask one of our chiropractors if ultrasound therapy is right for you.

Cervical Traction

Your spine is composed of three anterior to posterior curves. These curves are Lordotic in the cervical and lumbar region, and Kyphotic in the thoracic region. Many times through either accident, poor posture or wear and tear we can find a diminishing in our curvatures. Specifically in the neck this condition is referred to as "Military Neck." At Four Peaks Chiropractic we know that a hypo-Lordotic cervical curvature can affect multiple areas on our bodies. Our cervical traction supports can provide relief and help to increase our natural Lordotic curvature in our neck.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are the common name for knots that develop in soft connective tissue, particularly the fascia the surrounds muscles. Sometimes these trigger points can cause pain and referred pain on other locations. Utilizing manual and machine assisted therapies our physicians can work out those trigger points helping your body to heal faster and stay healthy longer. Our Four Peaks chiropractors are always willing to spend time on working out some of your trigger points and giving their Tempe patients exercises to help out at home.


By Our Very Own Family Nurse Practitioner 

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