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Is Chiropractic safe for Pregnancy

"There is no effect without a cause. Chiropractors adjust causes. Others treat effects."

- B. J. Palmer

Pregnancy can be a magical time in a woman's life. It can also be a time of sickness, stress and pain. Many woman experience musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy. Luckily a chiropractic adjustment can help.

During pregnancy a woman's body will undergo many physical changes. One of the most noticeable is the enlargement of the abdomen as the baby grows in utero. This can cause stress in multiple areas of the body, but particularly in the low back and pelvis regions. In addition headaches due to hormonal discrepancies, back aches, sciatica, uterine pain with tightness in the round ligaments and achy feet and joints are all very common.

One of the techniques we utilize at Four Peaks Chiropractic is called the Webster's Technique. This analysis helps your doctor to find areas of subluxation particularly in the sacrum and the round ligament. Utilizing low force techniques like the Activator and trigger point therapy, we can help the body be restored to its natural state of alignment.


If you are concerned about being adjusted during pregnancy feel free to discuss your concerns with your Chiropractor. Typically you will not be required to lay face down as we can analyze and adjust in the seated position. Most adjustments will be done with an activator or utilizing trigger point therapy as opposed to manually adjusting. We will work in conjunction with your other healthcare specialists to provide the highest quality care possible. Don't be afraid to try a chiropractic adjustment to help you during your pregnancy, call our office today and see how we can help you throughout your pregnancy.

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