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Cold Laser Therapy

Four Peaks Chiropractic utilizes a MP4 Cold Laser for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. If you have never experienced laser therapy before our treatments will make a huge difference in your body's ability to heal.


A cold laser utilizes light energy to stimulate cell healing through increased mitochondrial activity. When the laser is applied it will stimulate photoreceptor sites in the cell's membrane causing an energy uptake which stimulates cellular healing. Multiple studies by some of the top medical researchers have shown the uses of laser therapy in healing. 





At Four Peaks Chiropractic we can utilize laser therapy for many reasons.

  * Reduction of pain. We have protocols to help both acute and chronic pain and can treat both with laser.

  * Decrease inflammation and swelling. We have had many patients who have benefited from utilizing laser to help reduce chronic inflammation.

  * Cell growth. Damaged tissue can be induced to strengthen and repair cells through the use of certain laser protocols.

  * Increase the body's immune response.

Some of the prime candidates for laser therapy are athletes but it can be utilized for all types of patients. Particularly those with chronic issues. When all else has failed in the past a laser can sometimes stimulate the chronically damaged tissue to begin the process of healing.

Come in today and ask one of our chiropractic physicians how laser can help you. Feel free to call in ahead or stop in during business hours and we will take time to explain questions you may have.

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