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How can a Chiropractor help my Sciatica

"The power that made the body, heals the body." B.J. Palmer

It can happen at any time. One minute you are feeling great, then you bend over to pick up a dropped object and it hits you like a searing hot iron shooting from your low back down the back of your leg.

Sciatica is an incredibly painful condition that affects many people. Symptoms include low back pain, radiating pain down the gluteal and thigh regions, burning, tingling or numbess that can make it difficult to stand, sit or even lay down.


What are the causes of sciatica? In the traditional sense any type of irritation to the nerve roots of the lower lumbar can contribute to sciatic pain. The cause may be a subluxation, degenerative disc disease, a spondylolisthesis or even spinal stenosis. In addition, a tightness or hypertension of the piriformis muscle can irritate the bundle of nerves lower than where they exit the spinal column.


Typical treatments will include manual or machine assisted adjustments to the lumbar region. Trigger point therapy, or manual release techniques to the gluteal, piriformis and erector spinae muscle groups. Low level laser therapy in conjunction with ice, and the Mckenzie Extension Exercises which are the only exercise clinically proven to help in the healing process of sciatica.

If you have radiating pain of any type we recommend contacting us today and we will get you started on the road to recovery.

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