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Tempe Chiropractic Treatment & Adjustments

Our Four Peaks Chiropractors will acquire an entire case history including orthopedic and neurological testing prior to treatment and adjustment. Additional services such as blood work, x-rays and MRI requests will be managed by our physicians on a need basis. Our chiropractic doctors have the training to be specific and will tailor our chiropractic adjustments on your needs.

Your chiropractic treatment will be based upon your age, physical condition, way of life and the musculoskeletal conditions you have. The backbone of our chiropractic treatment plans is the adjustment. This could be utilized with our low force instrument called the Activator. You won't hear any "cracks" in your neck. The chiropractic treatment with Activator gives a controlled, quick thrust that will gently re-align a subluxation, and many studies have shown this method to be superior in some cases to correcting vertebral misalignments.


However, not all bodies or joints are the same. We also utilize a Thompson drop table that allows the adjustment some of the larger joints particularly found in the pelvic region. Some patients prefer to be manually adjusted as well, or in some cases patients do not respond to the machine assisted adjustments and the only way to correct their subluxation is by hand with a manual chiropractic adjustment.


chiropractic treatment with activator
chiropractic adjustments

3 Stages of Care

Stage 1- Acute phase. Patient is in acute pain and our primary goal is to alleviate the pain and the symptoms. Because every body responds differently, this stage is the hardest to predict and we re-evaluate at every visit and will make changes accordingly based upon your bodies ability to "hold" our adjustments. We will use a full range of treatments in addition to our chiropractic adjustments to help our patient out of this stage. In addition your chiropractic physician may recommend exercise, nutritional advice, stretching or even refer you to another specialist for concurrent treatments.

Stage 2- Rehab Stage. Patient is now out of acute pain and our primary goal is to restore range of motion, stabilize the function of your spine and promote total body healing. Your Chiropractor will provide a variety of services including range of motion adjustments with our machines in conjunction with soft tissue, cold laser and manual treatments to help you get out of this stage.  


Stage 3- Wellness Stage. The third stage includes preventive well-being care and can be adjusted according to each individual patient. Traditionally patients do once a month visits for them and their families. This chiropractic service not only maintains but also is preventative.

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