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Family Treatment Plans

We have affordable family wellness packages that can fit any budget.


At Four Peaks Chiropractic our top priority is your overall patient satisfaction. If you are happy and healthy we know you will share your positive experience with others. This includes family members, and to show our commitment to the family we have our wellness packages that can be tailored for any budget and for every family. If your healthcare plan does not cover chiropractic, or if your deductible is too high, ask your doctor about our wellness packages. 

Why should your family do a Wellness package? This is a very common questions at Four Peaks Chiropractic as all to often we are of the mindset that you only go to a doctor when something is wrong. Imagine your body as being a car, you want that car to last as long as possible. Imagine if you neglected changing the oil and only brought your car in when your engine had complete failure? Nobody would do that right? The overall life of your vehicle would be decreased substantially, not to mention how expensive that would be. Instead you take it in every 3000 miles, which saves you money and keeps your car's life extended. 

Your body is much the same way. Regular treatments can help with keeping your nervous system regulated, it can help with your children's sleep, it may even help them concentrate better in school. Regularly treatments can make a lifelong difference for you and your family. Stop into our Tempe office today at the strip mall just off of Broadway and Hardy Roads.

Family Wellness Monthly Plan
Family Wellness Annual Plan

ADULT: $100 per month

Family: $250 per month (2 Adults, unlimited dependents under 18)

All treatments for chiropractic only. 

ADULT: $500 per year

Family: $1500 per year (2 adults, unlimited dependents under 18)

All treatments for chiropractic care only.

Single Visit Costs

ADULT: $50 per treatment

Minor: $25 per treatment

All treatments for chiropractic only.

May be additional charges for added modalities. Ask your doctor for more information.


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