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Ask any builder and they will tell you the key to a stable building is a solid foundation. If you have an unstable or uneven foundation you can develop cracks in the wall. Regardless of how many times you fix those cracks, they will continue to reappear until the foundation is corrected. This is essential in home renovations.

Here at Four Peaks Chiropractic we also believe that a stable foundation with your feet will lead to a stable body. In order to achieve this stability you may need a pair of custom made orthotics. Custom orthotics are specifically designed for our individual patients. Just like we promise that we will never do a "One size fits all" adjustment we promise that our custom orthotics will indeed be custom just for you. For those who have tried off the wall orthotics you will notice a difference right off the bat, the comfort and the fit will be matched by none. Just like a fixing your uneven foundation is essential is home renovations, fixing your uneven footing is an essential key in your health and wellness.



The company we use at Four Peaks is Foot Levelers. Their unique three arch support provides the body with some of the best support possible, and not only stabilizes your arches but can help stabilize your entire body as well. Most generic orthotics will utilize one arch support. However, your feet have three major arches and this is addressed with our individual scans, these are designed to not only hold the foot in the right place, but address rotation problems found in other major joints such as the knees, hips and shoulders.

Our goal is for every patient to have a scan. This not only is an evaluation tool for orthotics but can give great biomechanical feedback in relation to other areas we need to focus on for your adjustment. Ask your Chiropractor today if custom made orthotics will help you.

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